5 am in the Freeland house!


“Show, please!”

It’s 5 am on H’s first day back to work after Little R was born (he’s 4 weeks old now).  And evidently everyone in the house some how knew it was that day!  Now, you know your house is full (and you have more than one child under 3) when your “no screen time” rules slowly morph in to “some screen time” and then in to “oh my, dear God, please be quiet while I’m trying to get the baby back to sleep at 5 am and your Daddy is in the shower!”  Fortunately, H and I have had good communication about the TV and we agree on what shows/channels are okay and not.  Little P is currently very in to Curious George and the Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids.  We have a handful of others shows on Disney Jr. that we are okay with too:  Chuggington, Higglytown Heroes, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and one of my all time favorites Winnie the Pooh.  Our criteria is nothing fancy- no cheese, no violence, and no stupid humor- basically they need to teach practical lessons, and encourage Little P to explore and engage.  We spend time talking to him about what is happening while he watches.   I love the fact that Dinosaur Train has an “adoptive family” set up, since we are such a unique clan.


Sweet Li’l R!

Anyway, I digress, so it’s 5 am and Little P is engaged in 101 Dalmations because it is the only thing on that early that I find acceptable (the more you get to know me the more you’ll see that I prefer the classics for a myriad of reasons- mainly that things were simpler back then and we didn’t have kids with all sorts of issues back then either).  He is watching and narrating as we go along- “He fall down!” and “Digger fast- digger right there!”  So much for trying to get him to be quiet!  Nevertheless, by 6:00 we had a happily fed and sleeping Little R!  By 7:30 I had convinced the Hubs to take Little P to daycare on his way to work- just in time for Little R to wake up for more food!


THIS is how I make it through the day!!!

How do I get through it?  Why my best friend COFFEE of course!  Sorry Husband, but in our house the first thing that gets our love and affection in the morning is my KitchenAid coffee maker!  Fortunately this morning I had been up pumping at 4:30, just prior to the 5:00 am wake up call and when I was storing the milk downstairs I made sure to turn on the coffee and preemptively warm up Little P’s milk.

Happyness tip:  I do believe the preemptive strike will be the key to our sanity in the future-  trying our best to stay one step ahead, even at 5 am, and even when we spend most of our time feeling like we are barely keeping up!


3 responses to “5 am in the Freeland house!

  1. Misti, you are a born writer! Love it! It will be a fun way for me to keep up a bit with all the goings on in your B U S Y household. Must admit even the few weeks I was with you, when Patrick was ready to go before I gulped 2 sips of coffee, all I could think was “your Grandma isn’t ready” — next thing I knew we were busy reading or discussing the photo/paintings in my morning prayer/poetry book as Patrick sat next to me (lap only if really tired!). Love you, Mom

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