Happy Easter!

EasterEggsIt’s been a few days- long story short baby has been fussy, Little P had his first ambulance ride (he’s fine!), and I’ve just been flat out exhausted!   But finally, on this rather gray Easter Sunday, it’s early afternoon- baskets have been opened, brunch eaten, dinner prepped and cooking, and I’m sitting with my afternoon cup of joe feverishly trying to get this post in before Little R wakes up!

Happyness in a cup!

Happyness in a cup!

I have to admit that, with a new baby in the house, and with the events of this past week, Easter will be slightly anticlimactic this year.  Since we endeavor to be practical about things (emphasis on endeavor), we really try not to overdo the holiday drama.

easter-bunny-2Little P is almost 2 and has yet to see Santa let alone the Easter Bunny.  As the hubs puts it- don’t we find it a little weird that we spend all this effort teaching our kids not to talk to strangers only to sit them in the laps of strangers for a photo op?  Don’t get me wrong- we aren’t paranoid- honestly the cost/time/effort involved in wrangling Little P to go anywhere does not mesh with the insane line we’d have to stand in at the mall!  The DC metro is overcrowded – and we have better (and funner) things to do with our time.  To add to things it is rainy today so no Easter Egg hunt for us- and since Little R hasn’t had his vaccinations- no Easter mass either.  I think the Church and the man upstairs will forgive us 🙂 Our hearts are in the right place!

imageThat being said, I’ve had the bulk of the Easter shopping done for months. As soon as the Easter stuff debuted at the Dollar Tree, I bought and hid things in the closet. Picked up a little bit of candy this week and I had baskets done for under $15. (By the way, I was at this part when Little R decided to stir and I am now attempting to bounce his bouncy with one hand and blog with the other!)


Aren’t these the coolest little eggs for little boys!?  (Well actually Little boy and Daddy- because I couldn’t resist getting a basketball basket for Husband.  I mean it is March Madness after all!)  I filled them with Starburst jelly beans and Reese’s Pieces eggs.

And I couldn’t resist the puppets for $1 each.  H and Little P will have a blast with them and the animal capsules that hatch bugs and animals in water.

imageThe budget buster, however, was the Walmart trip to get candy- because the marketing geniuses at Walmart put all the fun summer accoutrements right next to the Easter aisles.  That’s where I found this awesome blue adirondack chair ($5)!  And then on my way around the corner I spotted the football rabbit ($10) and couldn’t resist because it fit so well in to my sports theme.  So Little P ended up with an extra $15 worth of stuff.

It was totally worth it however, because he was thrilled with his bunny and his chair!

The finished product!

The finished product!




Here we are in the chair, very happy…..




And later decorating said chair with awesome stickers, because every situation calls for boat and helicopter stickers!

It is my hope that everyone takes the time today to enjoy their loved ones and reflect on their blessings!  Happy Easter (and Merry Happyness) to all!


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