Having some writers block….

….Well sort of.  The past couple of weeks have gone something like this:  allergies, sister gets sick, toddler gets sick, I get sick, antibiotics, baby gets colicky, sister has musical, make big cake (more on that later), dehydrate, allergies, food poisoning, husband gets food poisoning,  fasting, hydrating, baby gets shots, going out of town, Little R starts daycare, and I start back on a normal work schedule…

And in between make big cake and the first dehydrate were taxes and the Boston attack… at which point I felt that I didn’t really have the right to post anything even remotely related to cakes or organizing or family or fun or Happyness- given that so many families were thrown into turmoil and will forever be missing a part of their own Happyness.  And- as cliche as I know this is going to sound- once you have children of your own, tragedies such as Boston take on a whole new level of sorrow and dread.  You don’t just feel bad and upset, you are shaken to your very core, and you cry….period.  It’s the same reason I can’t watch any of those St. Jude commercials- they used to make me sad, I’d say, “Awww, those poor babies.”  Now they make my cry, because I cannot even begin to put myself in any of those scenarios as a parent.

So ever since that, I haven’t been able to bring myself back to the keyboard- not even to post a picture of the crazy cake I over-committed myself to making and over-exerted myself in creating…or to rant about the antics of the All State Choir trip I had to go on with my sister (which turned out to be a great weekend- but boy was I ranting up to the morning we left!)…

And don’t get me started on the food poisoning… for 24 hours the Freeland house was practically on lockdown- nothing like having all sorts of vomiting and other digestive issues while trying to feed an infant and simultaneously not contaminate said infant- or while trying to get the toddler to daycare because if you don’t you know that the next 8 hours are going to be some sort of personal hell with a screaming baby in the pack-n-play and your toddler slamming the toilet seat on your head (seriously that happened when I has in the throes of the first trimester last fall!)… or the insane cleaning/disinfecting frenzy I went on at 10 pm when H and I finally decided our little bug had left the building.

In short, the last few weeks have been one of those stretches of time where there is no where to go but through- through the mud and under the barbwire of each and every little trial that Life has decided to throw your way, and-hopefully- laugh about it down the road.  At least I know I’ll be able to laugh- my friends in Boston will forever remember this stretch of time as a time of tragedy and recovery- and for that I truly pray that they can find some little piece of Happyness that maybe took place in the days following.  For us, the house became a disaster, the checkbook didn’t get updated (I actually am supposed to be doing that now, but got inspired for this post), and for several days we lived off of ramen, rice, gatorade and vitamin water to ease our stomachs… but hey- at least the taxes got done.

So to recap:




….and these are the bane of my springtime existence.


This is the only place where Little R would sleep for what seemed like weeks….


My creation for my sister’s Beauty and the Beast cast party 🙂  Not my best work but everyone seemed to enjoy it.


It felt like H and I had finished all of these during that 24 hours of hell…. too bad we had none of the fun associated with these…


….followed by a lot of these for the next several days.


The amazing breakfast for dinner I had at a little-shack-on-the-side-of-the-road-cafe outside of Richmond during the choir trip! This was the first meal I had after recovery! And it was so good to be in the South for a bit!

….and we did end up getting a refund…



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