What are they going to do next?!

Life with a toddler is fun, fast, chaotic, and ever surprising.  Every week brings exponential discoveries- Little P is expanding his vocabulary like mad….I don’t even know how he’s doing it, but even another dad at daycare commented how his son’s vocabulary has improved dramatically in the month he’s been in the room with Little P (and yes, you guessed it, Little P runs that room, and sometimes the entire daycare, like he owns the place- with all of his goofiness and excited toddler Happyness).  He is outgoing, charismatic and independent like no one I know (wait, because neither of his parents are independent to the point of hilarity 🙂 !)

But toddlers can be exhausting and some times you have weeks where all of their development is mischievousness and ill timed.  It seems we are in the clasp of one of those weeks where I feel like I’m avoiding one minor (or major) disaster after another, while trying to appreciate the growth and advancement of Little P, and reminding myself graciously that some day these will be laughable memories!

On Monday I was having a very difficult Mom day-  I was feeling tired, overwhelmed by all the things we need to do in the coming months, anxious about getting any of it done and really wanted to crawl in to the bathroom and cry for an hour, and then sleep the whole thing off….but since that is simply not an option for us mothers I gave myself a quick kick in the rear, and hauled through the day-  more on that day later….but just suffice to say that that is how the week started, in a bit of a gray gloom- with 100% humidity, which never helps with my mood.

On Tuesday H and I swapped duties and I took on daycare pickup- and I now truly appreciate that my dear husband does the picking up vs. the dropping off.  It is so much easier getting them in the door as opposed to in the car.  I had forgotten the infant seat and left it in the car when I went in the building…so I was carrying Little R and holding Little P’s hand to walk to the car.  I had decided I would let P in to the car so that he was contained, and then get R strapped in his seat, and then strap P in.  When P climbed in he immediately headed over the console and to the driver’s seat to play with buttons- no big deal here, I don’t mind his exploring the truck while it’s turned off.  As I was strapping in the little guy I was making mental notes of all the buttons pushed- the doors locked, unlocked, and locked again, the hazard lights came on, I heard the handle for the turn signal get pushed down and the knob to the windshield wipers click click away.  The next thing I know, the car alarm goes off and I realize that Little P is now playing with my keys (by now you probably know where this is going).  I finish strapping in Little R and about the time the door clicks I realize what had happened- Patrick had locked all the doors, the alarm was going, and I had just SHUT the only door that was open.  My heart immediately ended up in my throat.  To say I was MORTIFIED, is an understatement.

…and then in that same moment I remember that as I was mentally categorizing what buttons Little P had pushed, I realized he had also released the back glass of the Expedition on my keys.  The only thing that couldn’t be re-locked with a button!  So here is where the situation goes from potential major emergency and chaos to hilarity- as I run to the back of the truck, heels and all, and climb in through the back glass, to the front to reclaim my keys.  To say that I was relieved that the crisis had been averted is an understatement- it was 90 degrees out that day and 100% humidity- they wouldn’t not have been able to stay in there for even five minutes…I would have had to break the glass and get in there some how.  God, and my grandma guardian angel, were looking out for us, and as I drove home, rather than have an anxiety attack, I breathed deep and found the center of my Happyness, and thanked the man up stairs for reminding me to slow down, and to always carry my keys with me.

Taking that lesson to heart, in the morning we have an exiting routine where we get down the first long flight of stairs together (we are currently doing a DIY on those, so soon enough you will understand what I’m talking about a bit better), and then Little P takes himself the rest of the way down and out the door in to the garage and driveway.  This gives me just the right amount of time to get Little R’s car seat in to the truck before Little P opens the door to the garage.  If we do it any other way it results in Little P running around crazy and me yelling at him to not go in the street.   Yesterday morning when I got Little R in the truck, I realized Little P wasn’t out yet.  I figured he was playing with the shoes in the little hallway.  I go to encourage him along and find that he had locked himself in the house!  Luckily I pay attention to these lessons, and had my keys on me, rather than hanging in that very hallway because sometimes I forget to grab them right away, or I unlock the truck from the hanging keys and then get them after putting Little R in to the car.  After a couple of seconds of trying to see if P could unlock the door himself, I unlock them and we go about our morning!

The silver lining in the Happyness cloud of the past two days?  Yesterday while I was warming a bottle for Little R, P climbed up next to him and gave him his pacifier, and then proceeded to help me hold the bottle for him- it was a very sweet moment, and an important milestone to see the big brother want to actively assist in the care of his little brother!

I was also offered a moment of humor this morning when I heard the door slam to Little P’s room- I walked down the hall and opened the door.  “Do you need some privacy?” I asked.  “Yeah,” he said matter-of-factly.  And I pulled the door to and went back down to my room.  As I was walking down the hall the door slammed shut again!

Constantly learning they are.  Did I mention he only turns 2 next week?

Do you feel the same way about life with your toddler?

Love and Happyness to all!



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