Life’s FULL of Change- Remembering Happyness

10 Aug 2014 TitleSo, here I am, not blogging in ages.  I think I last left everyone with a harried, I’m-working-again-so-this-whole-blog-thing-is-taking-a-back-burner….  and then days turned into weeks, months, and so on.

I do not want Practical Happyness to become an empty, forgotten spot in the virtual world, something I played with but couldn’t commit too, like a new lip gloss.  In the words of H, “do what YOU do, get back on the HORSE!”  He means this with regards to both writing and riding.  “You’ve been tossed through the air and landed on the ground and broke things off that crazy animal of yours (he’s referring to my retired thoroughbred gelding) and immediately gotten back on, I’m sure you can handle a keyboard.”

Yeah.  He’s referring to when I did actually get tossed into a jump standard where my hip met a 4×4 with such force that I couldn’t sit for months, and yet, my lovely friend and trainer at the time, L, helped me get up and get on one legged, with weight in my right stirrup, hitching my body up and forward off my rear, so that devil of a gelding couldn’t think he’d get away with that again.  The next morning the left side of my rump was black and blue all the way down to my knee and H made some lovely comparisons to marine boot camp and battle….hmmm, I guess he has a point.

So here I am…there is so much to share and tell you about the last several months.

We are here now, in Amman and the move has made me really collect my thoughts about a lot of things.

Leading up to the move was the most crazy time of my life- and my inner control freak was tested to the max.  The entire process of moving overseas for a FS family is harrowing, and if you can make it through without running off to Barbados, accidentally packing a child, or getting a divorce, then I say your marriage is going to be just fine!  You can’t pack a thing- you have multiple shipments and have to classify your entire life into “do I need this for the next two weeks, two months, two years” piles.  And while most people I know would be thrilled that they didn’t have to pack a thing and didn’t have to lift a finger, anyone who knows me knows that I can’t stand giving up that to anyone!  I’m moved countless times in my life, sometimes with less than 48 hours notice, and I learned the hard way that the only way to make sure all of my things remain with me is to do it myself!

When our UAB (the two weeks shipment, which turned into four weeks) arrived, my fears were confirmed when the hand painted wine glasses that were supposed to go into permanent storage were unpacked before my eyes….but some how our pots and pans which were clearly labeled didn’t make it here.  Oh well, I thought inwardly, I don’t have my kitchen knives, but at least I have a good glass to drink out of!  

A few other FS women had jokingly referred to their love affair with wine during a pre-deployment seminar we took…and they were right!  You sort, with a glass in hand, you watch the movers, and then RUN for the bottle as soon as they leave, and then there’s the endless happy hours and group gatherings as your departure gets closer, never without a glass to drink from and then catch your tears.  The only thing you need in the Residence Inn where you, your sister (who has lovingly agreed to make this journey to help out for a few weeks), two large dogs, and two rambunctious toddlers bunk up in less than 800 sq feet is, you guessed it, another bottle of wine!!  Hey, you can’t take it with you, so drink up!

Then there’s the flight and the layover and the impromptu stay in Germany because of a hold up with your wonderful canines….and more wine, or in this case beer, at an awesome little place in the airport with my sister 🙂

Allegedly our HHE (the two months shipment) will arrive in port tomorrow, but who knows how many more weeks it will take to actually get here!  Anyone want a glass of wine?

In all seriousness though, I wouldn’t change any of this for the world.  Up until a few months ago I didn’t even have a passport.  My kind of upbringing would have never included international travel, and now I’m beginning to collect these little stamps like badges of honor- including the unplanned one in Germany!

What an amazing adventure this will be for us and our children, and I’m hoping we get to do it more, because they are so young they won’t remember much about Amman, and that makes me sad.

So I’ve been thinking a lot on what I want this little corner of the internet to be for me.  Initially, Practical Happyness was supposed to be the place where I dumped all my thoughts about love, life and family.  Musings on life and happiness and womanhood, complete with cocktails and yoga and a good read.  Then it very much took a turn towards a mommy DIY blog with recipes and projects galore.  Of course it did, because it’s who I am- I love to DO things! I like those things, I enjoy sharing them and writing about my endless ideas for family and home.

Now we are here and my worldview is already changing so much.  I’m still that person from before, but I want to do more and share more here, and I’m not entirely sure how to go about it.  I know all of the blog guidelines and gurus say that having so many areas of focus would be disastrous for my stats!  Well, oh well I guess.  Because Practical Happyness was always about me, and so, as I usually do, I’m breaking the rules, and taking it to wherever I want, or letting it evolve to whatever it’s going to be!

Next post up will be about some adventures in this lovely city of Amman, in the beautiful country of Jordan.  It seems many folks back home need a little educating.  No we are indeed NOT in some awful place where I have to cover my hair and walk behind my husband….  🙂

A photographic preview:

The little amphitheater in downtown Amman.

The little amphitheater in downtown Amman.

My little man, contemplating life while having a snack upon ancient benches.

My little man, contemplating life while having a snack upon ancient benches.


View of the large amphitheater, still used today for events and weekly prayers.

View of the large amphitheater, still used today for events and weekly prayers.

….to be continued

Love & Happyness to All!



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