Marshmallows & HHE

Living overseas makes you do crazy things sometimes, like spend 10USD on a package of Oreos or 20 on a can of Folgers, or request your parents to send a care package full of cereal for the kids, to include apple jacks, cinnamon toast crunch and *collective gasp* Lucky Charms.  I think the healthiest thing in the box were the Annie’s cheddar bunnies and graham bunnies, because at least they are whole grain.  The kids were giddy.

Oh but it gets better.  I would never, in all of my infinite motherly perfection, ever allow my kids to eat said processed goodness for dinner…nope. Not me.  And I swear I didn’t eat a heaping bowl full of of blue 30 and red 40 marshmallowy goodness at all.  Because I’m all uber healthy now, and that stuff is poison.  So much for that diet.

As I typed this Reagan, in the span of five minutes, had a fussy fit, climbed on the kitchen table, got scolded, and then giggled with delight as he spun around in circles on the floor.  The boys are currently fighting over puzzle pieces.  Oh sugar.

Today was a nutrition fail day.  

But our HHE gets here tomorrow- so I get to work off all that extra sugar right?  Or maybe the double troubles will have the movers hog tied in our storage closet before the morning is over…. but at least I’ll FINALLY have my pots, pans, and, you guessed it, KNIVES that failed to make it into the UAB box as they were labeled.  

Just another cup of coffee with the Freelands.  



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