I will never forget…however

Today is a day which I remember vividly.  I was a freshman at Carolina enjoying a sleep in day until I heard thunderous knocking on our door.  We were one of the only ones with a TV and cable on our hall. Friends of ours had heard what happened and want to watch the news.

My roommate’s dad was a United pilot and they couldn’t get ahold of him for the whole day, and her mom didn’t know his schedule. He turned out to be okay, but she had such bad PTSD after that that she ended up having to drop out of school.

A few weeks later we had a football game and everyone was very nervous about the helicopters flying so low. And then a few weeks after that some guy drove his SUV on campus and stabbed several professors. That’s when we started to learn and realize that the Raleigh area had quite a few extremists around.

To this day I always think of that day when I see a plane flying unusually low.

Today I’ve been reading other FS 9/11 stories, and it is both heart wrenching and incredible to see the uniqueness of each experience.  I think, for Foreign Service folks, it was perhaps the most difficult and the most unnerving for those who were abroad.  This was long before I ever even knew my future life would be as a FS wife.

But it seems as though many have already forgotten.  It is about 6 am Eastern Time right now, and the Fox News front page looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.17.10 PM

I had to scroll down to see anything about 9/11.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.17.27 PM

MSNBC didn’t do any better.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.19.08 PM

Atleast CNN had something within view without having to scroll, and with a photo no less.  One of the Editors must still really care a lot.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.15.58 PM

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, or maybe I’m right in thinking that the majority of the nation has become complacent.  I know it’s early, and these headlines will (hopefully) change once the commemorative moment of silence is about to take place.  Will schools all over stop and remember?  Will teachers tell stories of where they were?  I certainly hope so.

To all those who lost loved ones one that day.  To the heroes on United Flight 93 who refused to give in to terrorists.  To the first responders who died to save others, or are still suffering from after effects.  To all my husband’s comrades who fought for our country after.  To all those troops who gave their lives in the mountains of Afghanistan and elsewhere.  To all those soldiers who still suffer from the effects of war.  This community of people who have sacrificed careers and time with family and time at home will always remember.  We will always remember.  I will teach my sons to always remember.



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